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Auto accidents caused by speeding are largely avoidable

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James E. Ballidis
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Speeding is one the most prevalent factors contributing to motor vehicle crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHSTA, estimates that speeding-related crashes have an estimated societal cost of $40.4 billion dollars. Moreover, 31% of all auto accidents in 2008 were caused by speeding, more than any other factor.
California is rated #1 for all U.S. speeding fatalities with an estimated 1500 per year since 2003. However, the California Highway Patrol now has extra money for its officers, thanks to a NHSTA grant to support overtime and hopefully stop speeders through more education. Over one-third of all injuries in the state of California are speed related.

Young male drivers are the largest demographic group to be drive while speeding—at least 37%. However a new study suggests that teenage girls are the “new teenage boys”. Over half admit to texting while driving fast. However, young men are still twice as likely to die in a crash.

Recently a young man in a Mini Cooper sped through a red light, and then ran directly into a min-van, killing all four members of one family. The crash killed the parents, a 6 year old son and 10 year old daughter.  In addition to killing the family in the min-van, he also clipped two other vehicles causing injuries. The driver of the Mini Cooper was hospitalized in critical condition.

This was a preventable tragedy that we hear about all too often. Research is clear with the correlation between increased speed and risk of injury or death. For example, if one is driving in a 35 mph zone and is driving 40 mph, they will be twice as likely to be involved in an injury accident. When the speed of your vehicle increases to 45 mph, the risk increases to four times.

In addition to the obvious dangers of speeding, the effectiveness of air bags, seat belts your car’s own crumple zones and side beams are all negatively impacted at higher speeds. Surveys have also indicated that people who routinely speed are also likely to be involved with other dangerous driving behavior, such as not wearing a seat belt and driving while intoxicated.

Surveys reveal that over 90% of all licensed drivers speed at some point in their driving career, so we can’t blame the speeding only on all of the teens. In fact, 75% of drivers admit to speeding on a regular basis. So who are the reckless drivers? They are young, middle-aged, and old; men and women; they drive luxury cars, sports cars, SUVs and family cars.

The best advice experts can warn a driver is to slow down! Getting to your meeting 5 minutes late will not get you fired but speeding could cause a serious injury, traffic ticket or maybe even your life.

But what shall you do if you are hit by a speeding vehicle.  Of course the accident was not your fault, what are your rights.  You have the right to get your car repaired, your medical bills paid and pain and suffering compensation.  Here is how an accident claim works.

You are not alone.  Call for a free book on how 9 strategies to manage your auto accident claim, or call us for frree advice.  Call 1 866-981-5596 now for the help you need. 

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