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Costa Mesa Pedestrians are at risk of serious injury or death

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James E. Ballidis
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Costa Mesa is a dangerous place for pedestrians according to recent studies.

Laura Monteleone, 34, was hit by a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado driven by Sergio Delgado, in either 2009 or 2007, depending upon the report submitted on line by the police or blog and newspaper reports. Additional deaths and injury have been reported since 2000.

Pedestrian collisions and accidents cause serious injuries or death.  Costa Mesa was listed as the 202nd highest death rate for pedestrians in 1998 to 2000.  Newer statistics are to be released shortly.  Costa Mesa is not a highly pedestrian city like New York, Seattle and other large metropolitan areas that rely on public transportation. Costa Mesa is also a small city in comparison, yet, statistically the deaths alone, not counting serious injury exceed 7.66% per 100,000  residents involved in a collision.

According to the California Highway Patrol in a  2006 traffic accident statistics report, there were 47 pedestrian accidents causing injuries in Costa Mesa.   These statistics do not tell the whole story.  Of course these victims need an experienced Orange County auto accident attorney, but more needs to be done to prevent tragedy as experienced by Laura Monteleone and others. 

Don’t think that Laura and others are protected by the insurance of the driver causing their injuries.  So many drivers are uninsured, and or carry inadequate insurance, that recovery is difficult.  It is important to require the city do everything possible to study and prevent pedestrian accidents where possible.  Statistics of high risk locations should be collected to address possible solutions.  If it does not, it will likely cause lawsuits in the future. 
Protecting our community, while allowing automobiles to operate around us, is a mandate held exclusively by the City.  We hope they will take their responsibility seriously.

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