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Defects on Ortega Highway in Orange County, California, remain lethal to motorists.

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James E. Ballidis
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Ortega Highway is one of Orange County California’s most scenic highways but it had to be closed recently due to a serious injury car accident that left three people hurt, and one person was so critical that he needed to be airlifted to a nearby hospital.

The California Highway Patrol’s initial investigation appears to indicate that it was a solo car crash but all the details are not in yet.  Investigators are still examining the accident scene, cleaning up debris and questioning witnesses. The crash happened during midday, approximately 11 miles east of the I-5 freeway. The impact of the crash caused the automobile to catch fire but the Orange County Fire Authority was quickly on the scene to put it down. Incidences such as this during high fire danger could have easily sparked a wildfire in the Cleveland National Forest.

We are commencing trial on a case of a "solo car accident" that was actually caused by negligent maintenance of the shoulder, causing our client to have to steer hard to the left or hit an approaching cliff.  He lost control by oversteering into the oncoming traffic causing his death.  The CHP could not explain that accident in their investigation, but an accident and roadway defect expert hired to look at the accident scene, immediately noted the defects.  The shoulder had eroded over the last 3 years without any maintenance and created a dangerous drop-off.  This drop-off acted like a curb, and once the tire entered the shoulder, the car could not easily be steered back onto the roadway without overcorrecting.  Deadly shoulder dropoffPeople rarely lose control of their car for no reason.  A proper investigation is crucial to the determination of the cause, and there are lots of unexplained accidents on Ortega Highway. That is why it is important to hire an accident attorney with the experience and the knowledge to protect your rights.

Have you experienced an auto accident on a scenic, two-lane highway? Sometimes these picturesque roads are not maintained as-well-as more heavily traveled freeways. It is important to get all the facts and hire a local Orange County personal injury attorney.

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