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Dog Mauling of three children in California.

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James E. Ballidis
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Three children ages 5, 6, and 7 have been hospitalized due to a vicious mauling by a pack of five dogs; four pit bulls and one mastiff while walking to a nearby park with their mother. The 7 year old boy required 237 stitches to patch up his severely injured leg, and his 6 year old sister needed 18 stitches to repair her injuries. However, their five year old sister remains on a ventilator in critical condition with massive head and neck injuries, punctured lung and broken ribs.

The pack of five dogs had escaped from a backyard and suddenly attacked the family. When the police arrived, one dog lunged at the officer and he was shot. The other four remain in quarantined but they are expected to be euthanized.

Each year, over 4.7 million people get bit by dogs and 885,000 people require medical attention for dog bite-related injuries. Most attacks are in the facial/head area and regrettably, most are children. Kids represent over 60% of all dog bites, and sadly, most deaths occur with kids. Emergency room injuries due to dog bites are ranked second for children under 15.

In the last three years there has been 88 fatalities involving dog bites, with 59% of those cases involving a pit bull. These dogs commit the majority of the attacks that result in death. In addition to pit bulls, 14% of these deaths are caused by rottweilers and 5% each for both bulldogs and huskies..

In a recent study of why dogs bite children, by far the most common reason was territorial in nature or they felt their food or toys where under threat. In addition, dogs feel anxiety when a new person is near them and they can experience pain from an unknown medical condition. Most dogs that are involved with a vicious attack have never bitten before.

Teaching our children safety techniques when they are around dogs is very important. Since 70% of most dog attacks happen on the dog owner’s property, your child will most likely come across dogs while walking to school or playing with their friends.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC has some safety tips for children:

    * Do not approach an unfamiliar dog
    * Do not run from a dog or scream
    * Remain motionless when approached by an unfamiliar dog.
    * If knocked over by a dog, roll into a ball and lay still
    * Never bother a dog that is eating, sleeping or caring for puppies.
    * Tell an adult about any stray dogs
    * Always have an adult with you when you play with a dog.
    * Never tease a dog.
    * Avoid direct eye contact with a dog
    * Never pet a dog without first letting it sniff you first.

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