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To prevent motorcycle deaths on our California highways, car drivers, not just motorcyclists, need more training.

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James E. Ballidis
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Motorcycle riding kills a lot or riders each year.  Over 100,000 have been killed in statistical studies over the last 40 years in California. Why this occurs in such volume is no surprise, there is nothing preventing you from hitting the pavement.  Even with advances in technology, there is little you can do to prevent serious injury or death, if another driver turns in front of you at the last minute.  Naturally, as riders we think we are invincible, but we are not.

Keeping us safe when we ride is a complex task.  When more than 75% of the accidents that kill involve vehicles, we are not the only ones that need to be educated and trained.  We can wear our helmet, and ride defensively, but more needs to be done to train drivers to be more cautious, anticipate our presence and respect our right of way. 

Here are several suggestions:
1.   Cycle lanes designed for motorcycle use only.
2.   Technological advances that alert drivers that a motorcycle is near.
3.   High beam intensity lights that can be seen more readily by a vehicle driver in daylight as a cycle approaches.
4.   Radar enhanced features that provide an early warning system.

If we train vehicle drivers better, the reduction in motorcycle accidents and injury will mean safer roadways and the ability to continue enjoying a sport we love.

James Ballidis is an attorney with Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie in Orange County, California.  The firm handles motorcycle accident cases throughout the State and frequently talks on radio and in newsprint about motorcycle accidents and injuries. Call us if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident.  Let us help you with your injury recovery.  Call 888-752-7474. 

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