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Road Rage Facts

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Road rage is a vague term that includes violent or aggressive behavior by drivers of a car or other motor vehicle.  
Manifestations of road rage include
Aggressive driving including tailgating, and sudden acceleration and braking
Cutting others off in a lane or preventing others from merging
Honking horns or flashing lights excessively or unnecessarily
Rude gestures
Verbal abuse or threats
Intentionally causing a collision between vehicles
Exiting the car to start a confrontation
Throwing objects at or hitting another vehicle with an object
Threatening to use or using a gun or other deadly weapon
The NHTSA estimates that road rage and aggressive driving are major factors in traffic accidents and road deaths. In California, road rage is a crime
Earlier this week, three family members were seriously injured and their lives are at risk due to an accident caused by road rage.  In this incident, the drivers were more concerned about their place on the road than about the lives of those on the road.  Their senseless dispute led to tragedy.
How much of a problem is road rage in the Los Angeles area?  What can you do about it?
The insurance company, Autovantage, has been conducting an annual road rage poll and has ranked the most courteous and the rudest cities for drivers.  Drivers from cities in 25 metropolitan areas were surveyed.
Autoadvantage 2008 worst 5 cities for road rage
1. Miami
2. New York
3. Boston
4. Los Angeles
5. Washington, DC
Los Angeles is number 4!!!
Autoadvantage 2008 top most courteous driving cities
1. Portland, OR
2. Pittsburgh
3. Seattle
4. St. Louis
5. Dallas
The participants were asked about triggers that induce road rage.  

The top triggers that induce road rage include
Feeling rushed
Being in traffic
Observing aggressive driving behavior in others including, tailgating, not signaling, talking on a cell phone while driving, running red lights, honking and using angry or obscene gestures at other drivers.
Generally, men under the age of 19 are most prone to road rage.
How can you prevent road rage?
Plan ahead – Leave enough time that you don’t feel rushed or angry if there are delays.  Plan for delays.
Get enough sleep – Lack of sleep makes us more prone to resentment and anger.  It also makes us less attentive as drivers.
Relax – If you find yourself tensing up, take a few deep breaths.  Take a break and walk around every few hours.  Try not to think of stressful situations while driving, instead listen to relaxing music or a book on CD.
If another driver is aggressive, don’t take it personally – We all have bad days.
Try not to react – Try not to show a physical reaction and avoid eye contact wit aggressive drivers.  These reactions can be misinterpreted and can escalate a situation.  
Practice kindness – If someone lets me into the busy lane or waves me ahead at a turn, it makes my day.  Treat other drivers as you would like to be treated.
Make safety your priority.
Are you a victim of road rage?   Have you or a family member been injured due to the aggressive driving of another?  We can help.  Contact the LA area attorneys at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis and Leslie at 888-752-7444 for a free consultation regarding your car accident injury case.

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