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Can I keep my automobile if it is totaled in a California auto accident?

Yes!  Many autos are deemed a total loss each year from an accident.  Sometimes, there are reasons you may want to keep the auto, whether your reasons are sentimental or financial.  In either case, the insurance company has salvage companies bid for the salvage value of your auto when it is damaged beyond the cost of repair.  They will take your car from you in exchange for the fair market value and recoup some of their payment by selling the salvage. 

You can insist that you be given the salvaged vehicle and thus your settlement of property damage is reduced by the salvage value the insurance company could collect when they sold it.  The trick is of course to arrange the salvage value very low by getting bids from salvagers that are very low.

We handle or help you with your property damage claims for free if you retain our office for your injury accident claim.  So call us if you need help.  We specialize in car accident and injury claims and we can help you immediately.  Call us at 1 888 752-7474 or contact us.

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