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Can I keep my motorcycle after an accident rather than give it to the insurance company, if it is declared a total loss?

Yes!  Many of our clients have a lot of time and personal interest invested in their motorcycles, and the value to them is greater than the amount of cash that an insurance company will offer.  In such cases, and especially if the motorcycle is rare, you may negotiate or have us negotiate for a retention of the motorcycle and payment of the value of the loss. 

Sometimes insurance companies want to deduct the residual value, or the value of the motorcycle if it were sold to a shop for parts or scrap.  Unlike auto, motorcycles sometimes have significant value when parted out.  Other motorcycle owners may need the parts to rebuild their ride or restore it to original.  The goal is to pay as little residual as possible to maximize your net amount paid to you while keeping the salvage

Therefore if you want to keep your motorcycle after it has been deemed a total loss, we can negotiate for you to get your money and keep the salvage.  We handle property damage claims for free if you retain us for your personal injury case.  So call us if you need help.  We specialize in motorcycle accident and injury recovery and we can help you immediately.  Call us at 1 888 752-7474 or contact us.

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