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How much is my case worth?

The value of each case is dependent on the facts, damages and injuries. Every case is different. An attorney that tells you your case falls into a certain formula of value, without investigating thoroughly the facts of the case and your damages, is doing you a great disservice. At our office, we first conduct a thorough investigation of liability. Once liability has been established, we investigate how this accident has impacted you, your medical treatment and the bills you have incurred, and that are likely to linger in the future. We also assess the wage loss you have incurred and your possible future wage loss based upon your injuries. Once we have compiled this information, we are in a much more informative position to give you an accurate estimate of the value of your case. Even then however, other factors such as health insurance payments, insurance of the defendant, assets the defendant in the position of the insurance company may add to or detract from the value of your case. We are paid a percentage of your recovery, and therefore want to maximize the value of your case. We ask you to simply give us the time to conduct an evaluation, timely, thoroughly and promptly.

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