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I'm here from find my accident. What now?


Welcome to California's Find My Accident web page.

We offer several Free and Easy services to those of you that came to this page from Find My Accident.  First, we handle cases from one of three offices in the state so feel free to contact us if you are lookiong into an accident in California.

1.  If you need a free copy of a police report and you are a participant or family member,  call us 1 888-409-3033.

2.  If you need free immediate legal assistance, call us at 888 409-3033 or contact us via this e-mail link

3.  Not sure if you need a lawyer, want free advice or just want to see what your rights are?  Call us at 1 888-409-3033, or order one of our many consumer books and guides on California accidents and claims resolution.

4.  If you are still unsure what to do, please don't leave this site without bookmarking it.  You can come back later, when you figure out what you need.  We are here to help you. Don't hesitate, simply call us at 888 409-3033 or email us and we can help you.

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