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I do not want to sue anyone because of my auto accident, but I have to get my bills paid. Is there any other way?

Most accident claims are resolved without suing anyone.  There are several important steps to make sure a case settles.  Here are the steps you need to take to settlement of your case, or hire a competent personal injury and accident attorney.
To begin with, it is always important to make sure there is no argument about liability.  Get a copy of the police report and look to see if the police officer properly concluded you were not at fault.  Also if there is any question about liability, you need to make sure that the witnesses are interviewed and give you a good statement in support of your case.
You need to collect your medical bills for the insurance company.  That way you know how much they total and you can begin to understand how much you deserve in settlement of your case.
Always ask your doctor to prepare a report.  The records rarely have the information you need to convey your injuries and damages.  Medical notes are abbreviations of injury and do not make a case for your injury.  Your verbal claims of injury, without a doctor report, are not going to advocate well.
Make sure that you start negotiations early.  You cannot negotiate well if you are rushed.  In California you have 2 years to settle your claim, but you cannot believe how fast the time moves when you have to settle a claim.
Lastly you should continue to keep negotiations going, until you reach your goal.  Try to make the adjuster come to your number by continuing a reasonable interaction over a course of time.  Do not make hard line demands and do not encourage the other side to do so.  By keeping the negotiations going, you increase the possibility of gaining what you want.
Follow these steps and you will have more success settling your case without a lawsuit.

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