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My child was bitten by a neighbors dog! They are our friends, but they have insurance. Can we get my child's medical bills paid throught our neighbor's insurance and not sue them?

Yes!  When you make a claim, you are not starting the lawsuit process.  Insurance is there to protect your neighbor from liability in the event of a calamity or unforseen dog bite.  In the example above, you are free to start the claim process and limit your claim to the insurance available.  Simply advise your neighbor of the need to do this and your intent and they should understand.

Then contact a Los Angeles or Orange County dog bite attorney to set up the claim. Your claim will include submission of medical bills to treat your child's injuries, and also pain and suffering.  If it is an older child, there may even be a wage loss claim while recuperating from the bite.

Remember that a dog owner in California is strictly liable for a vicious dog attack.  Consult an attorney early to see if your child's rights need to be protected and pursued.  Call us if we can help.  We specialize in dog bite cases and have had a successful track record of never losing any dog bite case in the history of the firm.  Call 1 866-981-5596

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