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Should I go to a specialist or my general doctor after an accident?

Many doctors do not specialize in accident injuries.  A general practitioner can prescribe medication and anti-inflammatories, but usually does not understand or know the orthopedic tests that need to be run to see how severe your accident injury is.  Additionally, many insurance companies will not consider the opinion of your general practitioner if they cannot demonstrate the tests run on you and the outcome.  Most general practitioners simply list the symptoms and a diagnosis and do not test for orthopedic injury.

Therefore, we always recommend that you see a specialist, orthopedist or doctor that runs orthopedic tests.  Even a chiropractor can be better than a general practitioner, unless the general practitioner has specialized training.  Consult with your California personal injury attorney for more details.

Of course, if you are injured more seriously then you may want to consult with a specialist in the area of the body affected.  Knee injuries require an orthopedist that specializes in orthopedic knee injury.  Not all orthopedists are the same.  A neck and back specialist may never treat a knee or shoulder injury.  Therefore, it is worth taking the time to get the input of your attorney before selecting an orthopedist.  We know the good doctors and their specialties better than most, as we have seen them countless times on files of other clients.  Ask us.  We can help! Call 1 888 752-7474

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