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Should I hire an attorney that is close to my home or work for my California automobile accident?

We receive calls from injured victims of California auto accidents every day. Sometimes they ask whether they would be better served if they hire an attorney close to their home or work.  The answer depends upon the nature of the case, the amount of medical damages, pain and suffering, the attorney's competence and ability to pay the costs and expenses, and the willingness of the firm to travel to you. 

In a serious case, we handle cases throughout the state.  Last year we had a two cases in the Northern California even though our primary offices are in Southern California and the cases had to proceed through significant litigation.  We never charge our clients for travel cost or time and consider these costs to be a part of our attorney fee. 

In the extreme opposite type of case,  if you have an automobile accident with only a few thousand dollars of medical treatment, it may not make sense for you or I to travel great distances to handle your case. However call and inquire about your case with us.  You will not regret speaking to us, because we are here to help not just sign up a case. We can help you by suggesting attorneys in your area, refer you or provide you with our FREE book on how to select an attorney.  We can give you guidelines on handling the case yourself.  It is always worth a call to us to see if we can help.

Lastly, if you have a moderate injury case with some damages, we should decide together if it makes sense for you to hire local attorneys or us. We will provide you with reasonable solution to any questions you have. You have nothing to lose but a few moments of time. Call us free at 1 866-981-1559 or contact us through our e-mail source. 

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