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They hit ME, and now I'm stuck with huge medical bills. What am I supposed to do now?

Imagine a perfect world, you are hit by another driver, it is not your fault, and your medical bills must be paid immediately so that your credit is not ruined.  In a perfect world that is the way a car accident should be adjusted, fast, prompt and fairly.  We do not work or live in a fair world. 
nsurance companies are very slow to react to anything that may cost them money.  They want to verify liability even in the most obvious of cases, delay payment until they obtain statements from you, review medical bills and records to see if there are any arguements that the injury is not related to the accident, and delay payment until the end of the case when they can make you a "full settlement offer."
It is for this reason that most people find the need to hire an attorney.  The attorney can make sure your credit is protected , make the insurance company act fairly and quickly, and above all take the stress away from you having to deal with this accident or injury.  If you are feeling the frustration of such a situation, call an experienced accident attorney at 1 866 981-5586 or use our contact form to inquire.  All consulatations are free.  Call us today and get the help you need.

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