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What information should I get at the scene of an accident.

1.  Get the name and address of the parties to the accident.  You would be suprised how many times a client will come into the office an not have this information.  If a police officer arrives, share your information and make sure that you get the officers report number, name and badge number.

2.  If you have a cell phone with camera capability, take a picture of the damage to your car and the other car.  This will help later when the property damage must be assessed. 

3.  If anyone advises you they witnessed the accident, ask for a card, or their name and phone number.  Don't talk to them about the accident for now.  Just collect the info.

4.  If the other person is hurt, take a note of their complaint to you. 

5.  Always obtain insurance information from the other driver, even if the accident is your fault.  In California insurance is mandatory and proof of insurance must be given to you.

If your car is towed from the scene, ask where the car will be towed to and also get the name of the company.  Take all valuable possessions out of the car because tow companies have been known to have things "stolen" from cars frequently.

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