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When should my motorcycle case settle?

I do not recommend that you be in a hurry to settle your motorcycle case.Many injuries take a long time to heal fully and an early settlement will prohibit you from full recovery.  We also want to make sure that the maximum settlement can be reached, and sometimes, that requires patience as the case, injuries and damages unfold.

I like to tell clients that if you make a quick recovery in 2-3 months, expect your case to settle in about 6 months total.  But if you have more significant injury, your case may take a lot longer. 

No case in our office is over 2 years old, before it is filed.  We move cases along.  So if you are done treating and the other side just does not want to fairly treat you or your case, we move it into litigation early and begin the process of formal trial or arbitration. In this way, we show no fear of proceeding to a rightful conclusion, and you are not unnecessarily burdened with delay.  Call us to discuss your concerns at 1 866-981-5596

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