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Who pays for my car repair when then accident is not my fault?

In Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles County, when you have had an auto accident, you have three choices for repair of your car.

First, you can have the car repaired where you want at your cost. Then you can obtain reimbursement from the insurance company. Be prepared to argue about the bill if the other insurance company has not seen the car before repair. Many insurance companies refuse to pay the entire bill unless they have inspected the car first.

Second, you can have the car repaired through your own insurance comany. Call and set up a claim and inspection. Thereafter the repairs can be commenced and completed quickly. You will have to pay the deductile, but will be reimbursed from the other party's insurance company. Many of our clients want us to set up this process for them and we would be happy to do so.  We charge no fee for property damage resolution. Call an Orange County, Riverside and Los Angeles Caunty auto accident attorney at 1 888 752-7474 or contact us through our web contact form.

Lastly, you can have the other party review the repair and authorize it with your repair shop. This can be delayed if there is any question about liability or when the other party needs a copy of the poice report which can take 10 days.

Make sure you rent a car from a reliable facility and negotate the accident rate. You also can decline insurance from the rental company if you already have insurance yourself.

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