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The California Injury Lawyers At Allen, Flatt, Ballidis, and Leslie Have A Proven Track Record Of Saving Clients Time And Money By Avoiding Costly Trials. Find Out How...

Most people are apprehensive about filing a lawsuit because they do not want to go to trail. Hiring an attorney does not mean that you will have to go to trial, explains a California injury lawyer. In our office, we always try to spare clients the time and expense of having to go before a jury by taking advantage of alternative resolution solutions (ADR), such as mediation and arbitration. Mediation varies from arbitration in that both parties agree to discuss their cases separately with a mediator—usually a retired judge or attorney—reaching a resolution with the help of that individual. Recently, one of our clients, a young lady whom, unfortunately, had to receive a major operation as a result of her injuries, agreed to mediation with the other party. Unlike mediation, arbitration is a process in which both parties discuss their cases with an arbitrator—often a retired judge—who then renders a verdict for them much like a jury would, except in far less time, usually less than one day as opposed to one or two weeks; arbitration also costs one-half or one-third as much. Next month, another one of our clients, a retired military forces veteran will take his case to arbitration. We hope both cases will be resolved to the satisfaction of our clients. Our office takes pride in a track record of persuading defense attorneys and the parties represented by them to agree to pursue ADR services instead of trial, saving our clients time and money. 

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