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Auto Accident Attorney In Orange County Provides Simple Steps to Protecting Your Auto Accident Case and Claim.

As any auto accident attorney in Orange County can tell you, if you have been in an automobile accident, the actions you take iwill dictate if you receive full compensation for medical care and property damage or loss. Here is a simple guide for you to follow.

The accident scene must be properly documented.  Take photographs of the damaged vehicles and any debris on the roadway.  If you do not have a camera, utilize the one on your cell phone.  If their are witnesses, ask them for a card, or their information.  Don't try to interview them while you are at the scene or while you and they are upset.  If they volunteer an opinion about the cause of the accident, remember what they said and write a note.

Go to the doctor immediately.  I cannot emphasise this enough.  If you are hurt, you should go immediately.  Do not wait even one or two days.  First, the insurance company will assert you were not hurt if you did not go to the doctor until later, and you may have a more serious injury than you think.

Document in a personal diary all the symptoms you are feeling in the first few days.  Make sure you are specific so that you can recall them later.  Also photograph any bruizing and cuts.  Make sure the photos are in good taste as much as possible.

Lastly, do not give a recorded statement, ever, unless you have an attorney.  We have warned against this many times, as you can see in other articles in our library.

Automobile accidents can have serious ramifications in our lives: exorbitant medical bills due to accident-related injuries, job loss due to those injuries, and damaged or lost property. Negotiating with insurance agents can be equally formidable. An injury-accident attorney knows your rights after an accident and will insure they are protected and you are properly compensated.

If you have been involved in an accident in, document the scene, treat for your injuries, do not give a recorded statement, and contact an auto accident attorney in Orange County.  call us if you need help at 1 888 752-7474.

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