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How Can A Trucking Company Be Held Liable For My California Commercial Truck Accident Injuries?

If you have been injured in an Orange County semi-truck accident, you may be wondering how you will be compensated for your injuries, lost wages and other accident-related expenses.  Would you be surprised to learn that in many cases the trucking company shares responsibility for a California trucking accident? 
Trucking companies doing business in California are subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations.  These federal regulations are enforced by the U.S. Department of Transportation and apply to any trucking company that does business in more than one state.  Trucking companies that do business only in California are subject to state regulations.
The rules set guidelines for the hiring and screening of truck drivers and  the loading of truck, and determine safety features that must be on trucks, how often maintenance must be performed, and even list requirements for how often a driver must take breaks, how much sleep a driver must get, and how many hours the driver may work.  The point of all these rules is to prevent accidents and keep the public safe.
It is the trucking company’s responsibility to make sure the rules are followed, that trucks are properly maintained and loaded, and that drivers are working too many hours or driving while exhausted.
An experienced Orange County trucking accident attorney will be able to investigate your accident and determine what caused the crash and who is liable.  They will use this information  to defend your claim and help you get fair compensation for your losses.
If you are injured in a California commercial truck accident and it can be shown that a state or federal law was violated, the trucking company may share liability for your injuries. If you have questions about your rights after an Orange County trucking accident, contact the Newport Beach semi-truck crash injury lawyers at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis and Leslie. Call our office at 866-981-5596 to schedule a free legal consultation. 
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