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After evaluating the play set on which a four-year-old sustained a broken arm, a California injury lawyer discovers hidden children dangers with the set and the playground

There is a tendency among jurors—particularly in Orange County and with conservative jurors—to blame the victim. When people are injured, instinctively people often look for reasons why the person that was injured wasn’t doing what he or she was supposed to be doing or somehow contributed to the accident. Essentially, an attorney has to fight against people’s urge to blame people for the ills that befall them. The attorneys at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis, and Leslie pride themselves on doing the research necessary to discover whether or not there are hidden problems with an accident scene that caused or contributed to the injuries sustained by the accident victim. Recently, a California injury attorney uncovered hidden children dangers at the playground on which a four-year-old suffered a broken arm. 

Most plaintiffs attorneys probably wouldn’t take the case, assuming that the child was using the play set inappropriately or that the parents weren’t paying enough attention. Our office did the investigative work: we hired an expert, whom we accompanied to evaluate the accident scene to determine if the play set was properly assembled. A good attorney must investigate if people have done their jobs and installed things correctly or that areas open to the public are safe for the public. 

After investigating the accident scene, we noticed some problems: the warning signs regarding the age appropriateness of the equipment were missing, and the wrong type of sand was used in the playground. Instead of fine sand, which doesn’t compact very easily, there was quartz sand, which does compact easily; over time and with use it turned into concrete below playground equipment that very young children were using. It was also discovered that the play set the child had fallen from was far higher than it should have been, in fact a difference of approximately 50%. Instead of being 60 inches tall, the play set was 87 inches tall, which is far in access of California and federal safety standards and extremely unsafe for children to be playing on, particularly when the sand below the equipment is the wrong type of sand. 

These are the type of details that only legwork, time, and money can accomplish on behalf of clients. In this case, investigation and research revealed hidden children dangers with the playground.  

Our firm is still litigating this case, and we’re hoping for a good outcome. Unfortunately, many attorneys fail to conduct such thorough research to ensure that clients are getting the best representation. 

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