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California Personal Injury Lawyer

As a California personal injury lawyer, we specialize in handling almost all injury claims you may have.  They can include auto and truck accidents, slip and falls, motorcycle and bicycle accident claims.  See our specialized pages to address your specific type of accident or read on here.  We can help you right now with any of your California personal injury attorney needs.  Either way, you will receive prompt and courteous answers to your questions and help with your claim. Call us at (888) 752-7474 or contact us through our web site.  

You will receive quality service that our clients have received for over 35 years, and enjoy a fantastic success rate on your case.  That is because we prepare your case and thoroughly help you before your case needs to go to Court. That helps settle your case, in many instances, without going to Court at all.

Many times people call us long after an accident.  It is always better to involve us early in your case, but if you have been busy or delayed, don't worry, call us now.  Call us even if you do not think you have a case. Sometimes, we can find liability where you cannot.

Also please consider these benefits.  When you come to us, we assess your injury and coordinate with you and your doctor to either have the doctor paid from the case, or bill your insurance, which ever you want to occur.  You don't have to do any of the leg work for you on your case.  We collect bills, obtain reports, get photos, assess damages and review your medical records for accuracy.  You won't have to prepare correspondence to the other party's insurance or speak to them without us present to protect you.  You can focus on getting better, and after all that is what you want in a California personal injury lawyer don't you?

You will benefit from calling a California Personal Injury Lawyer right now.

You will feel secure with our 98.7% success rate.
You will enjoy a competent and experienced staff.
You will appreciate that we thrive on satifying our clients.
You will  never pay a fee until we recover money for you.

Our No Fee Guarantee Protects You 
No fee unless we win... Guaranteed. 
So call us today and let an experienced and competant California personal injury attorney help you right now. Call 1 (888) 752-7474 or contact us on the web.


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