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HMO's are required to set specialist appointments for you now in California if requested. Read your rights.

If I had a california auto accident and I have HMO insurance, when can I been seen by my doctor?
California regulations have now been changed to require HMO doctors to treat patients within 10 business days after requesting an appointment.  This is a vast improvement over previous non-regulated dates. Additionally, you're entitled to see a medical specialist within 15 days. 
These changes are very important when we consider the need to see medical care immediately.  If you are having serious pain radiating into arms and legs, you have a fracture, you have a ligament tear or other types of injuries, seeing a medical specialist early and often is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself from a lifetime of difficulty.  Therefore, demand immediately that you be seen, and if there is a delay, demand that the delay be no more than the 15 days allowed.
Also, make sure that you see your family doctor or your medical doctor within the prescribed 10 days or sooner.  Lastly, remember that they have to return telephone calls within 30 minutes of your placing a call to the doctor.  This can be of great benefit to you because the squeaky wheel often gets the best treatment.
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