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Can I recover from the other party for my brain injury?

Yes, however, your word alone, that you are suffering from brain injury,  will not be the only way to prove your case.  A qualified California accident Injury Attorney will know the doctors and specialists that you must see in order to document and affirm your brain injury. 

Neuro-psychological testing will be required in order to test the nature and the amount of your incapacity or inability caused by brain injury.  Additionally, there are other methods of proving brain injury through the words of those who may be affected by the injured person, such as the spouse and friends.  They are great sources of information about the change in personality and character of a person injured.
In order to recover for a brain injury from the other party, it's important to describe how the accident occurred, how the injury occurred, why the injury so significantly impacted your life.  This allows the competent California brain injury attorney to argue for monetary recovery that you will require, not only to treat and care for this condition, but also to compensate you for their loss of quality of life and your inability to perform normal functions in everyday life.

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