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Read the California laws that protect and punish you when you drink and ride a bicycle on the road in California.

Many cyclists think that they can avoid a drunk driving charge by riding a biycle.  Nor so.  California vehicle code section 21200 states that drunk driving laws in the vehicle code are applicable to cyclists and bicycle riders.  While as a cyclist, you may be less dangerous when riding after drinking, you are still capable of causing an accident or a automobile crash when another cyclist or motorist is trying to avoid you. Don't drink and ride, or you may find yourself with a chargable accident and ticket.

However, if you were drinking and struck by a car or another cyclist, your rights may not be gone.  The other driver must demonstrate that your alcohol consumption somehow contributed the the accident. If you were rearended while riding lawfully in the right part of the lane, as an example, you will probably still have a rightful claim.  If you find alcohol contributing to an accident or your injury, call a California cycle lawyer at 1 866-981-5596 for a free discussion of the facts of your accident.

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