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Several Fisher-Price Toys for Infants and Toddlers Have Been Recalled Due to Children Dangers. A California Injury Lawyer Offers a List of the Products.

This morning the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Health Canada, and Fisher-Price announced that multiple toys for infants and toddlers have been recalled due to children dangers found in their construction. A California injury lawyer has composed a list of the items subject to the recall. Consumers are advised to stop using the following products immediately, unless otherwise instructed:


“Trikes” and “Tough Trikes”: These are tricycles intended for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old. Tricycles with either a protruding D-shaped or disc-shaped ignition key located approximately 3 inches from the seat pose a risk of serious injury. The CPSC has received 10 reports of children who have sustained severe injuries, six of whom required medical attention. Only tricycles manufactured prior to June 16, 2010, or with a manufacturer run number lower than 1670Q2, are included in the recall. This number is located under the seat, below the model number. Consumers are advised to discontinue use of the product until they have received a replacement key. Keys can be requested by calling Fisher-Price at (800) 432-5437 between 9 a.m. and 6p.m. ET Monday through Friday. 

“Little People Wheelies Stand ‘n Play Rampway”: This product consists of a plastic panel approximately 2 feet tall with winding ramps on which to push toy cars down. Products with model numbers T4261 and V6378 have been recalled, as the wheels of the cars sold with them can come off and pose a choking risk to toddlers and young children. Only the purple and green cars with “Mexico” marked on them that do not have a yellow dot on the bottom have been recalled. The company will provide replacement cars to those who request them. 

“Baby Playzone, Crawl & Cruise Playground, Crawl & Slide Arcade, Baby Gymtastics, Play Wall, Ocean Wonders, Kick & Crawl, Aquarium (C3068 and H8094), 1-2-3 Tetherball, Bat & Score Goal”: All of these toys come with an inflatable ball; the valve on the ball can come off and pose a choking risk to infants. The CPSC has received 46 reports of incidents in which the valve has come off, 14 of which involved a child placing the valve in his or her mouth, and three of which involved a child who had began to choke. Consumers are advised to remove the inflatable ball and contact Fisher-Price for a replacement kit. 


Healthy Care, Easy Clean, and Close to Me High Chairs: Pegs located on the back legs of these high chairs pose a risk of serious injury to children who fall on them. The CPSC has received 14 reports of incidents, seven of which involved children requiring stitches, and one of which involved a child with a tooth injury. Healthy Care High Chairs manufactured after December 2006 are not included in the recall. Consumers with this product should contact the company for a repair kit. 


Additional information—including articles listing other toys for infants and toddlers that have been recalled, discussing other common children dangers, and explaining the rights of individuals who have suffered a loss or injury due to a defective product—is available to the public free of charge.


To request an article or a book, or to speak with a California injury lawyer, feel free to call 866-981-5596. 

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