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A California Truck Accident lawyer discusses the common causes of truck accidents.

Eighteen-wheelers and other large trucks are a danger on roads that are used by cars and other passenger vehicles. Truck drivers need to be properly trained and need to understand the dynamics of a truck and operation to avoid collision and auto accidents.  On major highways and at higher speeds, even the smallest errors can have grave consequences.  That is why it is important for truck drivers to obey all laws and regulations designed to avoid collisions.

Truck drivers need to be trained to first check their truck for any defects or unusual circumstances.  This check is mandated throughout their trip.  If for instance a mud flap is loose, rocks and other debris can be thrown up at a car and cause injury.  The flap could become dislodged and cause an accident.  Obviously if something is wrong with the brakes they are excessively hot or reek of unusual odor, the truck should not be operated until a registered mechanic can examine the problem.  Inspection is the first defense to accidents.  Believe it or not, a lot of accidents occur because the driver either was poorly trained or did not carry out a routine inspection.

Adequate driving techniques
Inadequate training on driving techniques is a frequent cause of truck accidents.  Anticipating what passenger vehicles will do and driving the truck accordingly is the most important training that a drive can receive.  As an example, a truck driver should be patient in traffic and anticipate that cars will move in front of the truck.  Leaving a safe distance can be a challenge, but safety first should always be the motto.  A rear end collision with a truck can have deadly consequences.

Trip logs and calendars
A trip log of the hours on the road and the amount of travel is mandated in interstate trucking.  In local travel, there is also a requirement that the truck driver keep a trip log or log of mileage.  However, the amount of time behind the wheel is less regulated.  Truck drivers that want more money will typically try to pick up additional shifts and with dangerous consequences.  A tired or distracted driver is a likely accident waiting to occur.

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