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I sustained an injury to my neck but I didn't think I needed surgery until now. It's been six months; can I still have my surgery from the accident?

If you were involved in an accident that caused initial symptoms associated with that accident in your neck or back, your medical doctor will likely support the conclusion that your neck surgery or your need for further medical treatment on your neck is a result from the automobile accident. However, many doctors don't want to get involved in legal issues because they are fearful that they won't be paid, that their time will be absorbed by lawyers babbling on, and they will be asked to do things that are underhanded.

By contacting our office, your doctors or our experts will be dealing with a very experienced automobile accident attorney firm. We've handled thousands of automobile claims with success over the years and we would handle your case the same way.

In the moment that you contact our office, we promise you that we will do almost all the legwork associated with bringing your claim. We ask that you focus on your medical treatment, and getting healthy while we focus on collecting the necessary documentation, coordinating with the doctors and determining how to relate any medical treatment you have to the accident and your need for further care.

If your doctor substantiates your need for surgery is related to the accident, you can have the surgery and be assured that it will be an element of your claim as against the other party. However, if your doctor is unwilling to state that the symptoms are associated with an accident, it makes it much more difficult. A second opinion may be necessary. In either case, we will help you through the process if you give us the chance.

Call us at 1-866-981-5596 for immediate assistance. What do you have to lose? We guarantee that your conversation with us will be informative and helpful even if we did not take your case.  Call us immediately.

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