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Extremely painful, disc injuries result from strong impacts to the body, such as from an auto accident or slip and fall. An Orange County injury lawyer discusses the causes and symptoms of these serious injuries.

Several small discs cushion the bones, or vertebrae, of the spinal column. Round and flat, each disc consists of a tough outer shell surrounding an inner jelly-like substance—picture a jelly donut. Discs enable the body to bend, turn, twist, and flex and absorb the impact when you walk, run, or jump. An excessive impact, however, such as one caused by an auto accident or slip and fall, may lead to a disc injury, explains an Orange County injury lawyer. 

If compressed during the accident, the pressure may cause the outer portion of the disc to bulge, pushing on surrounding nerves, and, consequently causing pain. With enough pressure, a disc will rupture, or become herniated—a condition often referred to as a slipped disc. Similar to the less severe bulged disc, a herniated disc may place pressure on the nerve roots or spinal cord, resulting in severe pain. Pain and numbness in the injured area, whether the lower or upper back or neck, may be a symptom of a bulged or herniated disc. Pain may also be felt in the buttock, leg, ankle, and foot if the injured disc is in the lower back. 

Other symptoms an accident victim may experience from the impact the herniated disc has on surrounding nerves include: 

Muscle weakness in the legs

A tingling sensation or numbness shooting down one leg, beginning at the buttock or behind the knee and extending to the ankle or foot

Weakness in both legs, as well as the loss of bladder and/or bowel control—indications of a serious nerve root condition called cauda equina syndrome. Seek immediate medical attention if these symptoms occur. 

Bulged or herniated discs are often painful and serious injuries, for which medical attention should be sought immediately. Early diagnosis and treatment is key to fully recovering from such injuries. Moreover, receiving medical treatment after the accident will allow for injuries to be recorded, which will prove integral to the success of the injury claim or case. 

Additional information on disc injury, including an informative video, is available to the public free of charge.

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