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Disc injury, how it occurs and how it is treated after an accident.

When the human spine is subjected to excess force caused by such things as auto or truck accidents, cycling or pedestrian collisions or injury from a slip and fall, muscles that hold the spine erect can be torn or damaged.  If the collision or fall is so severe that it causes a crush, twist or excessive compression of the spine, the spinal disc can be injured.

Spinal disc bulgeInjury occurs to a disc when it suffers so much pressure that the wall of the disc is pushed outward.  The amount the wall is compromised dictates the severity of injury.  A disc can be pushed out temporarily, called a bulge, or actually ruptured where the disc wall is actually torn, extruding the inner material.  Discs can also dehydrate or lose water content when they are compressed or injured. 
When we age, our discs also lose water, dehydrate, degenerate or suffer damage from every day life.  Consequently when an accident occurs, we need to differentiate between accident injury and prior condition.  Since most people do not obtain tests to determine their back condition until they have symptoms, it is important to have an experienced medical doctor conduct an evaluation of your past and present medical condition after the accident, and prepare a report for use in your claim.  This is an important function of any California personal injury and accident attorney.  call if you need to discuss your spinal injury at 1 (888) 752-7474.

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