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A young dune-buggy accident victim walks again and defies her doctors' predictions. Her story illustrates how, with perseverance, accident victims can overcome their injuries--but also the extensive amount of medical attention injuries from off-roading accidents require.

Brooke Beverage was just 11 years old when she sustained serious injuries from a dune-buggy accident in the popular-but-pernicious off-roading area known as Glamis: broken knees and thumb and deep wounds on her forehead and body from shards of glass. After being airlifted to Yuma, Arizona for treatment, doctors told her she would never walk again. For the avid soccer player, the news was devastating. 

Although confined to a thigh-high cast for six weeks, Beverage promptly returned to school. Every morning before class, she attended physical therapy and rehab. Within two months, she was playing soccer with her teammates again. With perseverance, she overcame her injuries and defied her doctors’ prognosis.

Beverage’s story, unfortunately for many victims of off-roading accidents, is an anomaly. Like all terrain vehicle, or ATV, accidents, dune-buggy accidents are extremely common and often result in serious injuries. What Beverage’s story does illustrate, however, is the extensive medical attention such injuries usually require: emergency surgery, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. Without some form of insurance, such medical attention can be prohibitively expensive. In most cases, automobile and homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover accidents involving off-road vehicles, leaving the victims with painful injuries and no resources to pay for their medical care—especially in California

While most automobile insurance policies cover motor vehicles, they narrowly define what can be considered a motor vehicle: usually, the vehicle must be driven on public streets and highways; vehicles designed for or driven on other surfaces, i.e., off-roading, are seldom covered. It is a common misconception that the driver of an off-road vehicle is insured through his or her automobile insurance. 

Off-roading accident victims often look to their homeowners’ insurance policy after discovering that they are not covered by their automobile insurance. To their dismay, homeowners’ insurance policies often have provisions excluding off-roading vehicles, too.

Some homeowners’ insurance policies, however, do not include such exclusions. As such insurance policies are legal documents, they are often written in a technical manner with legal terminology, and are therefore not always easy to understand. For this reason, it is important to consult with an experienced California Injury Lawyer after an off-roading accident to determine whether your homeowners’ insurance may cover your medical expenses. 

James Ballidis is a California Injury Lawyer and the author of several books on injury claims. If you would like to request a copy of one of his books or are in need of legal advice, feel free to call 866-981-5596. 

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