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Seven people were injured in a freeway car accident last Sunday. The drivers of three of the six vehicles involved in the pile-up were suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A freeway car accident on the 405 involving six vehicles injured seven people in the early morning hours of last Sunday, reported the Los Angeles Times. Three of the drivers involved in the accident were suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

“Such a high number of impaired drivers in a freeway car accident like this is rare,” explained an Orange County accident attorney. “Nationwide, however, drunk driving is unfortunately quite common, taking a life every 45 minutes.” 

The multi-car freeway pile-up was triggered when a 20-year-old man—suspected of driving under the influence—lost control of his minivan in the northbound carpool lane and crashed into the center divider. As the man climbed out of his vehicle, 22-year-old Eunice Lee struck the mini van with her 2010 Honda Civic, sending the man into the southbound carpool lane. Lee then collided with a gray sedan, the impact hurtling the gray sedan into a fourth car. The pile-up blocked traffic, causing the driver of a silver sedan to lose control and hit a blue Honda. Lee and the driver of the sedan were also suspected of driving under the influence. 

Paramedics rushed Lee and the mini-van driver to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, one of them in critical condition. The remaining accident victims were taken to Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center and other nearby medical facilities. 

“Young people, particularly those in their early twenties, are especially prone to being involved in an auto accident while under the influence, regardless of the level of blood alcohol concentration (BAC),” said an Orange County accident attorney. “This was the case with two of the impaired drivers in this freeway car accident.”

The risk of sharing the road with impaired drivers is one we all face. If any of the injured motorists involved in this accident, or a similar accident, have questions about their legal options and right to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and property loss or damage, they may want to speak with a reputable Orange County accident lawyer. Most offer free consultations, and the advice they give will clarify the complex legal process ahead. 

James Ballidis is an Orange County accident attorney specializing in car accidents. He has written an informative book, Avoid Lawyer Advertising Hype, designed to aid in researching and selecting a qualified lawyer. For legal advice or to request a copy of one of his books, feel free to call 866-981-5596. 

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