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Brain and head injury caused by accidents, symptoms, diagnoses and treatment options.

Head injury can occur with fractures to the bony structure surrounding the brain, or injury to the brain and components or both. As seen by our California brain injury lawyer, the damages and loss of function can be devestating. This article will describe and categorize brain injury.  Each injury is described and diagnosed by the part of the brain or skull that is injured. There are injuries to the bony part of the skull such as a skull fracture and intracranial injuries such as Intraparenchymal hemorrhage/cerebral contusion, subdural hematomas, epidural hematomas, and subarachnoid hemorrhage.


Closed head injuries include injury that is related to the skull and the brain, but where there is no penetration of the skull or direct blow to the head. These types of injuries can occur when a person suffers a violent shake to their head. Acceleration /deceleration injury typically causes this type of injury. The patient often feels unable to speak clearly or think critically. They also become frustrated more easily. 


Minor blunt head injuries (blows to the skull) may involve only symptoms of being "dazed" or brief loss of consciousness. They may result in or blurring of vision or nausea. There may be longer lasting subtle symptoms including, irritability, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, and difficulty tolerating bright light and loud sounds. The symptoms can last a short or long time. Therefore it is important to watch for symptoms and monitor them to determine the best way to treat the injury.


Severe blunt head trauma causes loss of consciousness, coma, difficulty with normal physical movement and critical thinking and can cause neurological limitations. Consider the person with a stroke. Their injury may leave them with paralysis or deep seeded limitations mentally and physically. While rare in auto accident, they are often diagnosed in motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and collisions involving pedestrians and cyclists, despite wearing helmets.

Treatment for head injuries depends upon the injury itself, but can be categorized by 3 basic methods, observance, testing and diagnosis or surgery. In more significant head injury, testing can be done to establish a baseline of condition, so that any progression of injury can be documented and treated.

Brain injury can be resolved with experienced medical help. Therefore it is very important to get to a medical professional immediately. This will assure you of success in the treatment of all these conditions. An California brain injury lawyer that represents those with brain injury should be familiar with the injury, damages, tests that will be performed and the ability to understand and explain symptoms and complications. Call us if you need help at 866-981-5596.


As a California Brain injury attorney, out office can come to you.  If you need a Orange County Brain injury lawyer, or Los Angeles brain injury lawyer or other counties in California, call us to help.  We travel throughout the state if we take your case.  Call 888 752-7474.

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