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Want to know how to arrange a rental paid for by the other insurance company driver that hit you? Follow this guide for help arranging for your transportation needs.

How do I rent a car after my accident?
If you have rental car insurance, you can simply notify your insurance company of the claim and start your rental from a reputable company.  If you do not have rental car insurance, you will have to have the other party approve the rental.  First call them to make sure they have coverage and also what their rates of payment are.  They will usually give you a range for acceptable rental charges.   Stay in this range to avoid problems later with arguments that you paid too much for the rental.
If the other party refuses to rent or approve of a rental, then you must have faith in your claim.  Rent a car on a credit card as long as you know the other party has insurance and liability is clear.
Lastly you can ask the other driver to pay the rental directly.  Most of the time, they will accept their obligation, but occasionally, you may have to bring a case in small claims court.
Our office helps set up rental for our clients as a free service if we can take your claim.  If you feel you need help with your claim, simply call us at 1 888 752-7474 to inquire about your rights.

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