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Finding a lawyer that specializes in wrongful death is important. Check out this article on how to start your search.

Law, like many other professions, has general practitioners and specialists.  With small cases, the difference may be of little importance, but as the case gets more serious, a general practitioner is not the best lawyer for your case.  Knowing when to seek the opinion of a specialist and how to find one in law is important.

You may find a good lawyer through recommendation of another lawyer you know.  I can and do frequently find lawyers for potential clients and others in areas of the law where I do not practice, in and out of the state of California.  I have written a book that I will give free to any person who is a California resident and seeks to find an attorney, if you would rather use my method.  Simply request a copy through this link, “Avoid Lawyer Advertising Hype. A Lawyer’s Method of Finding a Lawyer.”

You may also search websites of lawyers you have identified as potential candidates, but be cautious here.  As I outline in my book, using a website as a starting point offers you little relief from the lawyer advertising hype and marketing efforts of lawyers that may not be qualified or capable of handling your case.  I know of a number of smaller law firms where the attorney has less than five years of experience, virtually no trial experience, and yet they are number one, two, or three on a Google search for certain terms.  These lawyers really are advertising for cases that, in my opinion, they may not be qualified to handle depending on the size and complexity of the issues as well as the legal complexity of arguments.  You should research the qualifications of the lawyer in more depth than review of their web site.  Check their specialty with Martindale Hubbel or other lawyer evaluation services.

Lastly, I caution against you using “friends” or friends of friends that are lawyers, unless the matter is going to be handled professionally, with a signed retainer agreement, and even then I suggest caution.  You want a lawyer that not only specializes in the area of law where you need help, but also a lawyer that is going to take the case seriously.  This is particularly important in wrongful death cases.  Having a lawyer do a “favor” for you does little when that lawyer fails to move the case along.  I cannot tell you the number of times that people have been disappointed in the lawyer who was going to do a favor, but ended up doing virtually nothing on the file or the claim for months on end.

Save yourself the aggravation.  Contact a reputable referral source like our office by caklling 1 888 752-7474, order my book or consult non-referral based directories of lawyers that have their specialties earmarked and identified and you will be much happier with the lawyer you select.

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