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Review this auto accident evaluation process to maximize your claim value.

How much is my auto accident case worth?
In any auto accident injury case, the value of the claim must be determined by the unique characteristics of the injury, and the person subjected to injury.   To make my point, consider an injury imposed upon a mother who must care for her new born.  Lifting and holding her baby may be difficult after an accident and the emotional impact on her inability to care for her child can be devastating.  That same injury imposed upon a young teenage boy may be a small inconvenience.  The claim is much greater though the injury can be the same. 

To evaluate a claim, here are several important personal injury injury factors to review.  What type of injury occurred?  The injury will provide a backdrop to the type of disability that you may experience.  Broken bones can be more inconvenient than a stiff neck.  Did the injury last a long time, was there pain and how long did the pain continue to affect you. Is it permanent or temporary?  All these factors can increase value of a claim.

How did the injury cause you to be disabled and did the injury have an impact on your prior history or condition?  If you were in a wheel chair for a period of time, the value of your claim will be much higher than if you were only temporarily inconvenienced.  Document your injury by describing the disability, hurt, inconvenience and effect on your daily life.  These issues increase value of your claim.

Consider your wage loss claim and medical bills.  Do you have reimbursement issues.  You are entitled to be made whole, reimbursed for all your damages.  Make sure in a California accident you add into your claim all vacation and sick days you lost because of your injuries.

Lastly, to increase value of your claim, consider how the injuries interfered with your social activities.  Inability to do the things you normally enjoy can add value to your claim. 

Whether your claim and auto accident arose in Fullerton, or Costa Mesa, Los Angeles County or Orange County, if you feel you need to hire an attorney to help you consider hiring a qualified attorney in auto accidents.  You can call us at 1 888 752-7474 or consider this article if you are not sure whether you need to hire an attorney and where?

After considering these steps, you should have a number of arguments that support your claim and the value you seek.  Call us at 1 888 752-7474 for all your auto accident and personal injury needs.

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