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Not hurt but damaged car? Here are steps to solving your problem.

I don't think I'm hurt, but I sustained damage to my car.  What rights do I have?
By all means have your car repaired, either through your insurance company or the insurance company of the other driver.  See this article for information on how to choose the best method to get your car repaired.
Some personal injury and auto accident attorneys, like our office, will handle property damage claims for free if you have a personal injury case.  Call us to see if this option is available to you or contact us through our contact us sheet.  If you are not physically injured, that is a great thing, and you do not want to make an injury claim where no claim is necessary. 

However, if you are not injured, you do not want to pay an attorney on an hourly rate to help with the repair of your car. Instead follow this guide and manage the property damage issue on your own.  We can help if you are injured.  Simply call 1 888 752-7474 to discuss the matter with us for free.

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