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Auto accident victims rarely obtain an apology from the person committing the wrong, according to a California accident attorney.

Our country is  evolving into a society of people thinking only for their own welfare.  White collar crime against the elderly is at an all time high, rip offs in the stock market and by Bernie Madoff rocked our economy, and unscrupulous lawyers have been taking advantage of people losing their homes by offering to get a mortgage reduction that will not happen. 
Is it any surprise that the person that hit you is not calling to say I am sorry.  Many people have become so fearful of the consequences of their actions, they cannot even have the decency to call and apologize.  Worse, their insurance company will add insult to injury in the handling of your case.  They will demand you cooperate with them, while giving you no assurance of fair treatment. 
If you have been injured , you need to contact an experienced Orange County accident attorney at the law office of Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie Inc. at 866-981-5596 for a free legal consultation.
Want proof, if you are representing yourself, just ask the adjuster to put in writing that they are accepting liability on behalf of their insured for all purposes.  Do not accept a verbal offer, that is not enforceable, and they know it.  Simply ask them to put it in writing before you give them your cooperation.  After all you did nothing wrong. 
Of course you will get one of every 100 adjusters that will do that for you and in that case, feel free to cooperate.  In the other 1199 cases, call an attorney because you need to recognize that the insurance company will do everything they can to save a buck at your expense.  The accident was not your fault so why should you be the one having to pay for anything.  Call us for a free consultation at 1 866-981-5596 and let us help you.

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