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Cycle and bicycle accidents can be caused by improper maintenance. Here is how and what to do to investigate and document injury and failure.

While some cyclists do their own maintenance, the majority take their cycles to professionals for repair, replacement, and/or ordinary maintenance.  This is particularly advisable for the elite athlete that uses their cycle for over many miles, and over varied terrain.  Proper maintenance should include an inspection of all parts that may fail during normal use.  A qualified bicycle mechanic knows the types of failures that occur with use of the cycle and can visually, and also under stress, test the various parts and common failure points.  
Normally, an improper repair only leaves the cyclist stranded, usually far from help.  But occasionally, improper repair can be a source of serious injury.  In one case handled by our office, while the spokes appeared to be properly tightened and the rim true, after riding for about 15 minutes, the rim drastically tweaked and threw the rider causing serious shoulder separation and injury.  The cycle rim had not been properly tuned.  Three spokes were not tightened properly when the hub was replaced.  Once the failure began, it was instantaneous.  The rider had no chance of avoiding the injury.
Other types of common maintenance issues can arise from faulty sprocket installation, crank bearing failure, broken rims, and handle bars that show sign of stress or are improperly adjusted.  Many shops have unqualified personnel performing work on the cycle, but charging you for a qualified mechanic.
If you've been a victim of a bicycle accident because of improper maintenance, it is important that you immediately photograph and document the damage to the cycle.  Do not take the cycle back to where you had it maintained if you sustained serious injury.  Instead have an independent expert review the cycle to document its condition before returning it to the shop. If you do not know what to do, call a California cycle accident attorney.   
If you have any questions feel free to contact an experience cycle accident attorney at 866-981-5596.  Our discussion will be confidential and is always free.

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