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Interrogatories in Bicycle Accidents cases.

Bicycle accidents are a unique type of collision and interrogatories can be a great tool to learn more about the cause of the accident and your injuries.  As a cyclist, you may not even know why you were hit or how you were hit.  Your accident may be due to a defect in the roadway where the bicycle is being operated.  Interrogatories allow you to ask the car owner, the car driver or the land owner questions about the defects and/or about the accident.  
In an auto accident versus bicycle case, the interrogatories should be focused on what the other driver was doing up to the time of the accident.  If the accident occurred at an intersection, ask the driver to describe the intersection, signals and their contention of the color of the signal.  Ask where the other driver was coming from, where they were going.  Ask when they struck you, what was their speed, and did they see you before hitting you.  Ask what the other driver did to avoid the impact with you.   Your interrogatories should also ask whether the defense contends that your medical treatment was not reasonably related to the accident or was related to something other than the automobile accident.  You should also ask in interrogatories whether the defense agrees that the property damage and the personal injury occurred because of the accident.  The questions have to be answered under penalty of perjury, and it is a good method of identifying what is truly contested and what is not at issue.  
Interrogatories directed at a property owner can identify why the property was in the condition it was in, who owns the property and how it was maintained or not maintained.  Interrogatories can be a very useful tool for any claim being brought in litigation where a bicyclist has been injured because of an accident.  If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, call an experienced California bicycle accident attorney at 1-866-981-5596 for help with this or any litigation or pre-litigation case questions you may have.

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