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Interrogatories in truck accident cases.

Truck accidents cause a great deal of injury and harm to those who are involved.  The opportunity to question the trucking company and the driver is afforded through interrogatories.

Interrogatories should be directed to the company that employs the driver.  Was a truck properly maintained?  What documents are kept by the company on maintenance and use?  What was the driver's sleep pattern?  Where was the driver going and coming from?  Had this driver had other accidents, or been involved in other collisions in the past, which were similar in nature to this accident?

Interrogatories can also be sent to the driver, questioning the driver about how the accident occurred, what the driver was doing, what he saw and whether the driver was occupied with some other issue. Where was the driver's attention directed, and why did that driver collide with you. 

 Interrogatories in a truck accident case are crucial to identifying what is the cause of that truck accident, and what potential liability you may have.  Additionally, by submitting questions to the truck company about the contentions they have about your injuries, medical bills, property damage and other damages, you learn a great deal about their defense. 

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