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Interrogatories to Ask in Auto Accident cases.

Interrogatories are questions specifically tailored to gain information from the other driver in an auto accident case. Interrogatories should cover a number of different subjects.  Let’s discuss some of the more important ones.

First, gain information about the identity and driving record of the other driver, and identity of the owner of the car that struck you.

Second, ask questions about the contentions the other driver makes. Does the other driver contend that you were responsible for the accident in any way? The other driver must answer the interrogatories under penalty of perjury, therefore, if they lie, or misstate the truth, then you can use this to convince the trier of fact, jury or judge, that this person is not honest, and does not have integrity in any answers that they give.
Ask whether the other side contests the amount of your medical bills and whether they were reasonable and do they agree the treatment necessary and due to the accident.  If they contest the medical bills and the reasonableness of the charges, question why they are taking that position.

Ask whether they contend that your injuries did not occur because of the accident. And, whether they've been watching you, or videotaping you by use of an investigator, or videotaping you. Also, interrogatories can identify the type of property damage documents that are out there, what repair estimates were obtained for their car and the amount of damage, photographs of the damage, and the names and addresses of witnesses.
Interrogatories are a crucial part of the commencement of litigation and allow parties to understand what is truly in dispute, and what is not in dispute. A California personal injury and auto accident attorney will develop interrogatories that suit your claim, and allow you to get the fair payment you need for your case. Call a competent Los Angeles or Orange County accident attorney at 1-866-981-5596. The call is always free. You will gain answers to the information you seek.

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