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Interrogatories to ask in dog bite cases.

Interrogatories can be a very useful tool if you have been bitten by a dog owned by someone else.  You should ask questions not only about the ownership of the dog, but also the ownership of the property where the dog was kept.  Questions should be asked about prior events when the dog either attacked someone or caused injury to someone.  You can also ask for documents that may be available to the owner about such things as the dog’s breed, where they obtained the dog, what veterinarian they used.  Documents also can be identified about the vicious nature of the dog.  Has the dog ever been reported to the city or state because of an attack?

Obtain the dog owner’s position on your damages. Does he or she contest your injuries or medical treatment?  Do they agree that the medical expenses you incurred were reasonable and that they were necessary because of the attack of the dog?  How much do they agree was reasonable and necessary? 
Interrogatories are an integral part of any personal injury dog bite case in California.  Contact the California Dog Bite Attorney if you need help drafting interrogatory, or you need an attorney to handle the litigation matter for you.  Call, 1-866-981-5596 for a free consultation.

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