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Knee injuries from accidents.

Many types of knee injuries can occur in an accident. The typical knee injury either affects the muscles surrounding the knee, the ligaments of the knee, or the cartilage. 
Muscular injuries are typically rehabilitated through physical therapy. Physical therapy can include such things as massage, deep tissue, ultra sound, and exercise. Ligament injury is more difficult to treat. Laxicity or looseness of the ligament can cause instability in the knee. If the knee is only partially affected, there are physical therapy modalities to correct the problem such as strengthening the muscles surrounding the knee to improve the stability of the knee. If the stability cannot be improved however, then surgical alternatives must be entertained, such surgeries as repair of the ACL or anterior cruciate ligament. 
Cartilage injury usually occurs when there is a blow to the knee, or when the knee has been unusually twisted or strained. A meniscus is a hard cartilage material that protects the sides of the knees and acts as a hinge. If there are burrs  or tears on the cartilage of the knee, the burrs can be removed through surgical arthroscopic procedures. 
Basic injuries to the knee should first be examined by an orthopedic to determine laxicity, instability and an assessment of the probability of success with physical therapy.

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