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In Santee, California, a CHP officer driving his 2009 Lexus plunged over an embankment killing his wife and two children.  The officer apparently called 911 while driving on Route 125, advising that the vehicle had no brakes.   CHP investigators have not finalized the conclusions for the cause of the accident, but obtained from the wreckage were floor mats, the brakes and the accelerator cables. Floor mats have recently been implicated in other crashes. However, as a California personal injury attorney, I doubt a CHP officer would not be able to discern that the cause for the continued acceleration and lack of braking capability was a wedged floor mat.

The 911 telephone call lastedonly a short time, but after reporting the difficulty with the car there was sufficient time for the family to join in a prayer.  This detail does not suggest that the officer was in a panic or unable to ascertain the cause to be is something as simple as a format interfering with the application of the brake or acceleration pedals.

Sudden acceleration cases are frequently difficult to diagnose. They may involve accelerator cable defects, defects in the braking system, or electrical defects in the cruise control or other sophisticated electronic systems.

Auto manufacturers and the NHTSA, which are responsible for investigating these complaints, often ignore the more difficult to diagnose cases, lumping them into operator error claims. What we do know is that these complaints are increasing, and with deadly consequences for the occupants.

Product defects claims require a specialized attorney that has the expertise and knowledge to sufficiently investigate and document the defect that caused sudden acceleration. If you need help finding an attorney that specializes in this type of claim, please feel free to contact us at 866-981-5596. We have helped others find that atorney and we can help you find the attorney in your area that handles these types of defects.

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