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A Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawyer can help you or your child.

Who is responsible for dog bite injuries?

As an experienced Los Angeles dog bite lawyer, we have proved liability against the dog owner and land owner for dog bite injuries in negligence or strict liability. A negligence claim could arise in any of the following:

* Dog was kept improperly, allowing it to escape.
* Inadequate leashing.
* Training the dog to be aggressive.
* Allowing the dog to be repeatedly aggressive.


If you have been a victim of a bite, call toll free to speak to a

Los Angeles dog bite attorney at 1 866-981-5596.

What is strict liability?

Under strict liability, a dog owner can be liable for dog bites even if there is no proof that they did or did not do something directly. The purpose of this statute is to hold someone responsible who owns a dog of a breed that is considered dangerous, such as a pit bull. To have a strict liability claim, only the following needs to be shown:

* The person owned, kept or controlled the dog.
* Dog had an unusually dangerous tendency that the owner knows or should have known.
* Dog caused injury because of this dangerous tendency.


To get the help you need, call a Los Angeles dog bite lawyer who is knwoledgeable about dog bite cases.  We have never lost a dog bite case, never, so call 1 866-981-5596 and get the help you need.

What experience do you have as a Los Angeles dog bite attorney?

Our dog bite lawyers have been helping injured victims since 1974 and can help you with your dog bite case. We will be able to review your dog bite case to determine who was to blame and what laws apply, so that you are able to recover the financial compensation you need.   Call toll free 1 866-981-5596 for a free and private consultaaion.

We really know how you feel!

Attorney Jim Ballidis and his experienced team of lawyers, paralegals and support staff, understand the challenges of coping with a serious dog bite injury and will work hard to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries. Our goal is that you will not only overcome this difficult time, but that you will soar above it.

Remember, e never charge a fee for your claim unless you recover financially, and we have never lost a dog bite case.  So call us toll free at 1 866-981-5596.

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