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Avoid Selecting a Poor Los Angeles truck accident attorney.

What should you be looking for in a Los Angeles Truck accident attorney?  What criteria are important to you? 

Here are some simple yet very important facts to find out before hiring a truck accident lawyer.  Call us to compare at 1 888 752-7474.

   Look for comprehensive knowledge of the trucking industry.
   Has the Lawyer handled hundreds or truck accident cases?
   Have they won all their truck accident cases like we have?
   Do they offer a free case evaluation and thorough consultation.

If these are important factors for you to consider when hiring a Los Angeles Truck accident lawyer, and they should be, call and speak to a Los Angeles Truck accident lawyer immediately.  Call 1 866-981-5596 or ask a question by E-mail.

A Los Angeles Truck accident attorney in our office will evaluate your case for free and without any obligation. Call now 1 866-981-5596. Here are some other reasons to consider us:
   1.    Our Office is conveniently located. Visit our Los Angeles office, or we’ll come to you!
   2.    Payment is contingent on the settlement of the case. There are no fees until your case is successfully resolved.
   3.   If you are not ready to hire us, still call.  We can give you tons of free information.

How long does the settlement process take?

In order to receive compensation for injury-related expenses, you will have to navigate the accident claims process—with or without the aid of an attorney. We are more knowledgeable than you and will resolve your claim more quickly.  Depending on your recovery, we can and have resolved cases within 4 months, or as long as two years.  In either situation, you will be satisfied because you were prepared to settle.  Call for  books, articles, videos, and a report on the Dos and Don’ts when pursuing a truck accident claim. Call now 1 866-981-5596. or E-mail us.

How will hiring a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer improve my settlement posture?
During our 35 years practicing in Los Angeles and throughout California, we have become thoroughly versed in the ways of the trucking industry, and safety violations often committed to save money. This knowledge augments our investigation and extends into settlement discussions or the courtroom, where we have years of experience negotiating a variety of cases. See our results and testimonials.

Additionally, given the size and weight of a semi-truck, the injuries sustained in accidents involving these vehicles tend to be severe. In order to better address the unique needs of truck accident victims, we have developed relationships with doctors and specialists. You will receive the treatment you need—regardless of your insurance status.

If you would like free and immediate legal assistance from a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer call now 1 866-981-5596. Or ifg you choose, contact us by E-mail with your questions.

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