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Need Help? The Keys to Success And What We Can Do For You!

  • Gather written records and documents that support your claim including medical records, police reports and employment records. 
  • Conduct investigation of the client's case that includes interviewing and obtaining witness statements, photographs and pertinent physical evidence. 
  • Confer with the client's medical doctors and other healthcare providers to fully understand the client's medical condition. 
  • Obtain reports from experts (for example: medical experts, accident reconstructionists, vocational rehabilitation experts) to support the client's case. 
  • Analyze legal issues that may affect a client's case such as assumption of the risk and comparative fault. 
  • Timely file necessary claim forms with the at fault governmental agencies. 
  • Analyze and defeat unfair reimbursement demands or liens by the client's own health insurance company or governmental benefit plans. 
  • Contact the insurance company about the claim and conduct periodic discussions with the carrier about your case so that appropriate reserves are set to settle the case.  
  • Conduct negotiations with the insurance adjuster in an effort to settle the claim, either before litigation or before trial. 
  • Preparation of the summons and complaint to file in court, if a lawsuit is necessary. 
  • Perform investigation to locate the defendant for personal service of the summons and complaint. 
  • Prepare and draft written questions for information from the other side (called interrogatories). 
  • Prepare the client for his/her deposition and prepare for and conduct the deposition of the defendant and other witnesses. 
  • Meet with the client's physicians to prepare for their deposition. Also prepare to take the deposition of the defendant's experts, including medical experts. 
  • Prepare the client for his or her medical examination by the defendant's medical experts. 
  • Review and analyze the client's medical records and billings.  
  • Hire all necessary experts including other physicians, economists, engineers, vocational experts. 
  • Prepare the client and other witnesses for trial. 
  • Create and prepare exhibits, organize records and other evidence intended to be introduced at trial. 
  • Research and write briefs and file motions to keep out or let in certain evidence at trial. 
  • Try the case over the course of several days before an arbitrator, judge or jury. 
  • Analyze verdict and research any issues that occurred at trial.

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