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Newport Beach Motorcycle Crash Attorney: The Safety Gear That Can Save Your Life In An Orange County Motorcycle Accident

In a California motorcycle crash, the motorcyclist is at an extreme disadvantage.  The lack of protection of a motorcycle puts the motor biker at risk of serious injury from much larger vehicles. A motorcyclist can reduce his or her chances of injury by following the rules of the road, staying visible and wearing appropriate motorcycle safety gear.
Here is an overview of motorcycle safety gear: 
A helmet is the most important piece of equipment for a motorcyclist.  Brain injury is the leading cause of death and permanent disability resulting from California motorcycle crashes. Learn more in our article: "Motorcycle-car accidents: the car may be at fault, but wearing a helmet reduces the chance of serious injury."

Eye Protection
Eye protection is necessary in order for a motorcyclist to be able to see what's happening on the road.  Without eye protection, the motorcyclist's eyes may water from the wind.  There's also a good chance of getting dust, debris or even bugs in one's eye.   Helmet with visors provide built-in eye protection; however, many riders prefer tinted goggles that they can use as sunglasses.  
Ear Protection
Motorcycles are loud.  In addition to engine noise, there is wind noise which can be very loud at highway speeds. Over time, a motorcyclists hearing can suffer. Wearing ear plugs to protect your hearing is a good idea, but good ear plugs should allow the rider to hear normal traffic noises such as honking horns.
A motorcycle crash can result in painful abrasion injuries and road rash.  The crash scene may be filled shattered glass and metal shards that can cause serious cuts. Leather jackets also protect the body from abrasion, road rash and cuts. A jacket with reflective trim or bright colors can help a motorcyclist be visible to other drivers.
Pants offer jacket-like protection from abrasion, road rash, and debris for the hips, buttocks and legs. 
When a rider is thrown off his or her motorcycle, his instinct is to break the fall with his hands. This can cause serious injury.  Wearing sturdy, well-padded, gauntlet-style gloves protects a motorcyclist's hands from cuts and abrasions.
Boots provide protection for the feet and allow a rider to keep his feet firmly planted on the foot pegs.  Tall boots can protect calves and shins from road debris, glass and flying pebbles. 
Elbow, Shin, and Knee Guards 
Full gear is the best choice.  But, elbow, shin and knee guards are sometimes used as protection in combination with less protective outer layers.
The Orange County accident attorneys at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis and Leslie fight for the rights of California motorcycle accident victims. We have seen the devastation that a motorcycle accident can cause first hand; we urge all motorcyclists to wear safety gear. You can read more about the importance of safety gear in our article, "A California motorcycle accident attorney shows you ways to protect your life, and the statistics to back it up!"
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